Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar

When you get hooked on the sound of the six strings, you just must have one.  The next most logical thing is to learn to play the guitar. I am sure there are some people who have started the process on an electric guitar. However I think it is best to first learn to play best acoustic elctric guitar.

The selection of your first guitar is purely a factor of your budget. If you are really hooked on guitar you will spend a lot of time with the instrument, so be sure to purchase one that feels good. It wood be a plus if you can play a few notes before your first purchase. That way you can really hear, see and feel the difference in instruments.

The first one should be a nylon string instrument if you have tender fingers. Speaking from my own experience of buying a steel string and punishing my fingers for a week. I purchased a nylon string instrument that allowed me to practice longer hours without major finger aggravation. The passion for playing well will win over the discomfort of the strings wearing on your finger tips if you really want to play. Just one warning, musical instrument dealers are music lovers, but they are sales people, do not let them push an over priced or expensive instrument on you until you know guitar is what you wish to play. Research online for the best price and read the reviews offered by experienced players.

Now you have an instrument, what next? You might be one of the few lucky people who can pick up an instrument and just play. However, chances are you will need someone to show you how it should be done. There are options for instruction, depending on your budget and how much time you wish to invest before you learn to play.


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