7 Top Earners in Entertainment Industry Who Made Massive Income

The entertainment industry is more significant than ever in modern times. With record numbered events taking worldwide on a daily basis, make this industry one of the leading ones. With that entertainers are earning in a year which most ordinary folks can’t even think about earning in their lifetime.

So, without any more delay let’s have a look at the top earners in this industry!

  • Sean Comb AKA P Diddy

Once again topping this list is P Diddy by banking a $130 million in 2017. Even without releasing an album he made such a massive amount through his headline tour in North America and from other signed artists under his label Bad Boy Records. Also, he had over 70 million from the clothing line and his partnership with the popularCiroc vodka.

  • Beyoncé

Beyoncé raked in a whopping $105 million making the second highest earner in the entertainment industry. She overthrew Taylor Swift by releasing ‘Lemonade’ and her “Formation World Tour” was a colossal success which grossed over $250 million. Also, her stake in TIDAL a streaming service skyrocketed after Sprint invested around 200 million in the company. 

  • J.K. Rowling

Securing the third sport, author J.K. Rowling famous for her books Harry Potter is still earning enormous from her books. Also, last year she published “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” which is another best-seller. Also, she was the screenplay writer of the film “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” which grossed more than $812 million worldwide. Her earning last year was at $95 million.

  • Drake

Drake finished close to J.K. Rowling with $94 million through his two world tours “Boy Meets World” and “Summer Sixteen”. His fans crave more,and that’s why he is the world’s most streamed artist. On top of this, the rapper’s endorsement deals with Sprite, Nike and Apple provide him this spot in the highest earning category. 

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

This Real Madrid football player earned $93 million and hence sits among the top five earners. His contract with Real Madrid helped him secure an annual salary of $50 million pre-tax for next four years. Also, NIKE offered him an astounding $1 billion worth deal for lifetime endorsement. Currently, Ronaldo is the highest paid athlete in the world.  

  • The Weeknd

After his debut album in 2013, The Weeknd rose through the ranks quickly and made a staggering $92 million last year. “Starboy: Legend of the fall Tour” which ran from February to July grossed over 1.1 million per place.

  • Howard Stern

Howard Stern’s last year’s earnings were $90 million. SiriusXM renewed his contract which allows him to carry on his talk show on radio and efforts are being made for venturing into streaming and mobile apps too. Stern’s annual salary should be between $80-90 million.

Apart from them, the band Coldplay comes in 8th place with $88 million, author James Patterson in 9th place with 87 million and the 10th spot goes to one of the best basketball players is LeBron James with $86 million.


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